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My portfolio

The work samples shown here are owned by and copyright of their respective owners and are presented here in the spirit of fair use for the sole purpose of documenting my project experience and design contribution therein.

Citizens Bank

Fastline (2023)

Expedia Group

Spotify backstage (2022)


Community enablement (2020)


Multiple projects (2016-18)


An omni-channel initiative (2015)


Multiple projects (2001-21)

Cayzen Technologies

Multiple projects (2011-14)

Wizards of the Coast

Magic online (2012)

Digital Control

Aurora dashboard (2012)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Client Name

Project Name (20xx)

Companies and brands I have provided services for – 1997 to present; Wongdoody, Travelers, Vanguard, Metasys, Expedia, Aditi Consulting, Cisco, Bay Infotech, GoDaddy, Wipro, Ltd., Yokohama Tire, Lighthouse eDiscovery, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro), Collabera, Sound Metrics, Digital Control, State of Washington, City of Arlington, Strong Worldwide, The Food Network, Nintendo, Intelligent Effects, Cayzen Technologies, TaxMate, BrainStorm Interactive, Discovery Kids, Filter Talent,, Capitola Media, Egnis Branding, Parker Services, First Due Medical, Returns Online, Accelerated Web Design, K9 Waste, RMI.NET, Courier Times; Jack Frost Home, Solutions IQ, Posh Consulting, Artech, Application Methods, Cosmix Web Design, ANet Solutions, Seattle Times, The Courier-Times, Acro Service, Pertango, Morris Magnets, Box Solution, CLIP, Protingent, Wimmer Solutions, AdaQuest, and Freelance Designer.


It’s more than just pretty pictures. A good UX designer provides both strategic and tactical design guidance, feedback, and support.

Artistic expression

Art is a powerful means of storytelling that forges connections with others. Let art and design tell your story.


Skill, talent, communication, collaboration, and a desire to help others succeed are some of the hallmarks of a winning design team.

Software proficiency

Sure, no worries. Apps come and go and I’ve kept pace over the years. Adobe creative suite, check. And Figma? Yes, and FIGMA, too!

Research is asking questions

A good UX designer asks questions. From that comes answers that drive design decisions. Qualitative? Quantitative? It’s all good.

Testing a hypothesis

Concept testing starts with a hypothesis. Is something possible or not? This is where UX design is most fun. Let’s see!

More cool stuff

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My Figma lab

A sample Figma prototype

The Punkin’ Punks

A web3 NFT art project

Billy builds a robot

A children’s adventure story

Freelance Designer

Multiple projects